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Novità – Giugno, 2017

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la Parola del Presidente

Twelve new members were sworn in at the busy May 4th general meeting. Some of these new members are already working with us Friday nights. The club also honored 13 Venice High School scholarship recipients who were delightful as they shared with us their brief Bios. The Picnic in the Park, hosted by Carol and Ralph Maccarone, assisted by the Anticos, was a fun affair with good food and lots of dancing. Everyone had a great time. On May 7th Joe DeMarco and the kitchen crew fed 78 club members at the monthly Birthday/Anniversary Celebration. Unfortunately, the Board has found it necessary to cancel the Mothers and Fathers Day events for this year. They will be re-evaluated for next year. Let’s not forget Memorial Day, a day of remembrance for those who died in service to our country. We owe our freedom, happiness and lives to these fallen soldiers.
Ciao, Ron

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