Italian American Club of Venice

Novità Volume 8 - Ottobre, 2021

Your Cultural and Social Newsletter

la Parola del Presidente

From the Editor,

October is Italian Heritage Month. We are proud to share more than our delicious food with the world. Italians are known for Art, Music, Fashion, Religion and the oldest University on Earth; not to mention our work ethic, family values and focus on education. We are passionate people. So don't get excited when we yell about the issues of the day or whether it's gravy or SAUCE.

Election Season is here as we begin a new membership year. Be sure to pay your dues in a timely manner to keep your membership current. Upon the resignation of our President, each Executive Board member has taken on additional responsibilities until she is replaced in the General Election. Grazie mille, Johanna, for leading us through difficult times in this unprecedented year with compassion and strength.

Activities are in high gear at the IACV. Try your luck at monthly BINGO beginning October 14th. Our annual Golf Outing is coming up at the end of the month. But this week, be sure to get your tickets to the Columbus Day Dinner Dance on the 9th. Tell your neighbors and friends. It promises to be the Event of the Season!

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