Italian American Club of Venice

Novità Volume 4 - Giugno, 2021

Your Cultural and Social Newsletter

la Parola del Presidente

May is always a beautiful month. I love it because everything is in bloom, although allergy sufferers may not be excited as I am.

As Memorial Day approaches, we are called to remember the brave men and women who have given their lives to ensure that we continue to have the Liberties and Freedoms we enjoy today. There will be celebrations honoring their sacrifice. I hope we all take a moment to give thanks.

We are coming into the hot weather months, and many of our members have gone back to their summer residences to escape the long Florida summer. I can't blame them.

For those of us who are permanent Florida residents, enjoy the lack of crowds at restaurants, the lighter traffic on the roads, and the opportunity to enjoy one another at the beach.

Be safe and have a wonderful Memorial Day.

Ciao, Johanna

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