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Novità – Aprile, 2019

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la Parola del Presidente

The words of introduction by the newly inducted members at the March meeting served as a gentle reminder that we need to continue to embrace "Italian Culture", which harkens back to the ideas & values of those who created this fine Club. Knowing & understanding the history will maintain a connection & historical perspective as the Club welcomes many new members. The Mission Statement is as pertinent today as it was at the inception. (See below) April brings Easter greetings to all, "Buona Pasqua" It is also time to say arrivaderci to some of our snowbirds. Hope you will all enjoy good health, good times & get lots of rest so you can come back to us raring to go in late fall. Keep in touch by accessing the website, emailed Novita & occasional email messages with current updates. Remember the upcoming Tea, Birthday Celebration, Bocce Tournament & Picnic this month!
Ciao, Bruce

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