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Novità – Novembre, 2018

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la Parola del Presidente

As I have stated in the past I see my job as president as a captain of a ship who actually rows along with everyone else. This club is ever successful day by day. Why? Because of the nucleus of workers (rowers) that keeps our ship moving forward and successfully. When I first became president I was advised not to spend time thanking people because of the risk of overlooking someone. Well I risked it and will continue to do so. Kudos to all those that work! Now this takes me to a new place: We are a club of 417 now and you would think based on those attending some of our events, that we are only 50. I am dismayed by this because those developing and chairing events work hard to please you, our members. Many others never attend our meetings, I hope that changes. I hope all this changes! I personally want to thank the nucleus of those working to embellish this fine club and I suffer the pains along with members that become ill. I rely on many people and can't say enough about how important they are to our club and have helped me so much. Frank Carlozzi was one and now Joe Carbone is not well. I want to pay tribute to all, but especially to these two. They truly have made a difference.
Ciao, Bruce

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