Italian American Club of Venice

Novità Volume 10 - Dicembre, 2021

Your Cultural and Social Newsletter

la Parola del Presidente

From the Editor,

My favorite time of year is here! Have you noticed that people seem to be nicer during the Christmas season? Hearts are fuller and the spirit of giving fills the air. I love the decorations, the aroma of baking cookies, and carols on the radio. Hallmark movies once again light up the TV screen. White Christmas even has scenes shot in Italy, and it features one of the iconic seasonal songs (but please, no snow in Florida). Eliminate the unnecessary busyness. Slow down and enjoy this precious time. It's the month for family and friends to gather and celebrate. Bring on the seven fishes and the best lasagne this side of the Atlantic!

IACV is doing some exciting things this month, too. The election of your Executive Board will occur during the General Meeting on the 2nd. You are encouraged to attend meetings and be involved in order to vote or qualify for the Board. We need your expertise and devoted efforts to the further the Club's continued success.

Don't miss the New Year's Eve Gala the evening of the 31st (note to self: dancing shoes to the cobbler for new heels). Let the spirit of Christmas make our hearts light and the Club's camaraderie buoy our laughter.

Two accomplished authors, George Palmer and Lina Decrescenzo, will be taking on the publication of the Novita starting next month. George has written 20 novels and is a technological expert. Lina is rooted in Italy and has incredible creativity. I can't wait to see what this partnership will bring. Grazie Mille for your support and encouragement during my short tenure as Editor. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

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